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A mobile website solution for lawyers must also take into account that there are many different smartphone platforms including iPhones, Androids and Blackberries.  They each require different coding and have different capabilities.  The iPhone, for example, is not compatible with flash, so make your mobile site accessible to as many different phone users as possible by making a compatible site.

Smartphones put the mobile web at your fingertips and are capable of many functions through their complex programming.  Internet browsing, downloading and email are now available to people on the go at speeds that are becoming increasingly comparable to home computers.  Certain limitations and restrictions exist naturally because of the physicality of mobile devices themselves.  This has meant that mobile web developers have had to program sites strategically to fit and function well on smartphones of all platforms.

Because the mobile internet needs to fit onto the small screen of a smartphone, browsers and operating systems are vastly different from that of a computer.  Choices of browsers are limited on smartphones but because there are a range of smartphones in the first place, the mobile web must be a dynamic technology that is highly adaptive.  Speed is a significant issue when accessing WiFi on a smartphone because of the limitations of the technology.  Depending on the quality of the phone as well as the level of available service based on your location and carrier, a smartphone can have significantly slower internet access speed than a computer.

Mobile broadband is made possible in the same way that cell phones are: they use radio waves and frequencies.  Radio towers send little packets of data (like emails, website pages, music and streaming video) back and forth to each other making them accessible to you on your smartphone.  The reason for the need for mobile web development is that the device on which you access the mobile web is vastly different than it was traditionally on a regular computer.  The physical and technological limitations of the smartphone make for unique challenges to developing websites that work seamlessly with all the different types of smartphone platforms that are out there and that continue to emerge every day.

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